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Management of Property requires knowledge of the rental housing industry and dedication of time to attend to whatever is needed, be it maintenance, tenancy concerns or property emergencies.  This is not always easy for the investment homeowner who often has the concerns of a full time job and family commitments. Property management is our sole job, we take the time to look after your property, address tenancy issues and attend to problems quickly. We offer these services:

Rental Market Evaluation
Fielding calls
Placing ads
Showing of suites
Walk throughs
Reference and credit checks
Monthly Owner Statements
Mediation and Residential Tenancy Act concerns or applications
Rent Collection
Deposits to Owner’s account
Responding to Maintenance and Tenant Concerns
Calling in necessary trades for maintenance or renovation
Supervising renovations to ensure quality and timely work
Smoke detector checks

We keep you informed about your property, but “Shieldz” you from the hassles!

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